“The source, the hour of birth of individual design goes back to 1990. There was nothing on the German market except black molton fabric and a handful of furniture. The world was too black and too sad for me. I decided to use the colors white and from 1990 I planned everything individually, freshly built, fresh colors for the world of tomorrow.
This world of tomorrow continues to this day. Tradition is firmly anchored in my agency, but also a look into the depths of the next few years. 170 employees have come or moved on into the world of creativity in 32 years. 15 apprentices saw the light of day with us.
All epochs were experienced in 32 years. Our modern room designs of lightness and speed are now floating in the next world of tomorrow. Perhaps our furniture and frames are Apple among the temporary minimalist worlds. The NA + 1 der Plus-Faktor brand has its headquarters in Limburg. Our second German office is in Berlin. Internationally we are based in Italy, Sant’Antioco.
The Loftfeelingspaceplace brand is the next step into the future of tomorrow.

Pure and honest creative business are our strengths for tomorrow’s customers. ”

Gunnar Zessel, CEO

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